She Sold Seashells -The Curious Mary Anning. Re-Imagined. By Wolfgang Grulke

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Mary Anning lived about 200 years ago. A bright girl from a poor family living in a small town on the south coast of England, she became a successful fossil hunter, dealer and self-taught scientist. While not fully recognised in her own lifetime because she was a woman and of the wrong social class, she is now heralded as a leading figure in the science of paleontology, which at the time did not even have a name.

Her story is well known but there is only one image of her,painted shortly before her death at age 47. She made many of her important discoveries of 'mythical sea dragons' as a teenager and in her twenties. Now, AI technology enables us to tell Mary's exceptional story with brand-new images - for curious readers of all ages and to help inspire today's young fossil entrepreneurs who follow in her wake.

A new book by Wolfgang Grulke
96 pages, hard cover, lavishly illustrated
198 x199 x 13 mm, 350g

Created in association with the Lyme Regis Museum, the spiritual home of Mary Anning.


"A triumph! Concise, empathetic and meticulously accurate. Powerful AI imagery is perfect for readers to step into Mary's shoes as she makes important fossil finds in her teens and twenties... it's just like being there with her at the birth of paleontology." Dr Paul Davis, Geology Curator at the Lyme Regis Museum.

"An ingenious project to bring Mary Anning to life."; Sir David Attenborough, Renowned naturalist and broadcaster.

"Genuinely inspirational. Bravo!" Alastair Poulain, Deputy Head, Sherborne Preparatory School.

About the Author

Wolfgang Grulke is an award-winning author on the natural world, the future of business and technology. He is the founder of Future World International and author of the prescient 2000 book 10 Lessons from the Future which anticipated the impact of the internet and mobile technologies.
Wolfgang's Deep Time Trilogy was voted the best non-fiction book series in 2020 and is based on his renowned fossil collection. His 2022 book Adorned by Nature celebrates the magnificent adornment culture of the peoples of the South Pacific. He lives in the Dorset countryside with his wife, Teresa Martin, and two dogs.