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I arrived Hong Kong, though I wasn’t sure if the flight would arrive on time before the Typhoon Mangkhut hits.

Stayed in Discovery Bay with my friends Kevin and Marianna, where luckily the Typhoon did not create too much damage.

我到了香港,虽然我不确定这个航班是否会在台风 Mangkhut 袭击前准时到达。


Hong Kong was shut down until the Typhoon passed.

The Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem fair resumed after Mangkhut passed. Now back with trying to decide if I should buy the black opal, Tanzanite or Emerald jewellery..!


Mangkhut 过世后,香港珠宝首饰展览会重新开始。 现在回来试图决定我是否应该购买黑色蛋白石,坦桑石或翡翠珠宝..!

I fly to I fly to Nanjing on Wednesday. Stay tuned..

我飞到周三飞往南京。 敬请关注..

-Tom Kapitany