Crystal World Exhibition Centre Visitor Hours

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Crystal World Exhibition Centre Visitor Hours

Did you know Crystal World Exhibition Centre is more than just a shop?

In addition to having some of the worlds rarest gem stones, crystals, meteorites and fossils on site, Crystal World is also home to Rosie the Shark and a Dinosaur Garden filled with life size dinosaurs.

Crystal World provides exciting exhibits for educational experiences and all specimens are personally prepared by the team at Crystal World. They are available to purchase from the gift shop and can be found in numerous private collections, shops and museums worldwide.

Located in Devon Meadows, approximately 1 hour from Melbourne, Crystal World Exhibition Centre is free entry for all and open 7 days per week. You can find out more details by visiting the Crystal World Exhibition Centre main website

If you can't make it to Crystal World then check out our huge range of items to purchase online right here from our retail website.

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