Mookaite Lapidary Specimens

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Mookaite is named after Mooka Creek, which is in the Kennedy Ranges, near Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia and comes from the T and J Mookaite Mine. Mookaite is only found in Australia and is a fossiliferous sedimentary rock and it is reasonably usual to find cavities left which were most commonly caused by belemnites.

These specimens are suitable for lapidary work such as slabs, cabochons and carvings. It can also be used naturally as well.

There are 2 specimens in group, displaying a brown/purple combination and a purple/red combination.

The brown/purple piece weighs 2.19kgs and measures 190mm long, 110mm high and 80mm wide.

The purple/red piece weighs 3.50kgs and measures 220mm long, 105mm high and 170mm wide.

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