Amethyst Crystal Angel Wings

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This breathtaking pair of Brazilian Amethyst angel wings has some amazing crystal formations. Primarily containing small points, there are a few larger point crystal clusters with one impressive crystal point jutting out into the left wing.

This interesting pair has overall measurements of being 1050mm high from ground to top tip, 710mm wide across the top, tip to tip, 610mm wide across the bottom tip to tip. The base of the stand measures 380mm long and 270mm and is part of the ensemble.

The left wing is 750mm long tip to tip, 345mm wide and also contains the large crystal point which measures 80mm long. This crystal has inclusions of Hematite. This wing also has various clusters of various point size.

The right wing is slightly longer, due to the way the wings have been divided and measures 770mm long tip to tip. The bottom of this wing slopes down, adding to the length when compared to the left wing. The width of this wing is 345mm. This wing also has Hematite inclusions and various sized crystal clusters.

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